Ventilation Grilles

Egg Crate Grille - Standard

These Egg Crate Grilles are suitable for use as ventilation exhaust grilles and ventilation return grilles.

Egg Crate Grilles - Standard

Chevron Grille (Brodie Grille)

The Brodie Grille is designed with air conditioning in mind, but is ideal for air / flute extraction conduit. The grille is widely used for exhaust / return with an emphasis on minimum air resistance and low turbulence.

Chevron Grille

Door Grilles

This door grille was designed for maximum ventilation in No Vision situations i.e. bathrooms, darkrooms, etc. All of the angles and borders are designed to be dust free and easy to clean. The material used is extruded aluminium - robust yet very attractive.

Door Grilles

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