Colours & Finishes

At Osbournes Ltd, we offer two surface finishes – Powdercoat and Anodising. The powdercoating and anodising processes provide high quality and durable surface protection with a wide range of colour finishes.

Anodised Finish Options

Anodising involves using aluminium's natural affinity towards oxygen to create a thick protective oxide layer on the mill finish metal. You can choose between a 'satin' / 'natural' finish, to preserve the metal's silver-like characteristic, and a choice of colours.

Colour Options

Osbournes Ltd acknowledge that the colour swatches above have been kindly supplied by Fletcher Aluminium.

Powdercoated Finish Options

Powdercoating involves applying finely ground dry paint film to a specially pre-treated aluminium surface. This film is then heated, so it melts and cures to a tough smooth finish.

Top 20 Most Popular Colours

Top 20 most popular colours

A huge range of other colours are available. Contact us for details

The Osbournes Powdercoating Plant

At Osbournes we have our own powdercoating plant. This considerable investment was made so that Osbournes can achieve the quality and timeliness we demand for our customers.


The colour swatches are an approximate representation of the colours available and should not be interpreted as an exact colour representation of the finished product. Please contact us to view the actual colour samples.

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